I am a professional Cat Herder. It’s not glamorous, it pays next to nothing. Do NOT get me started on those gossum with the Living Wage playbook. Jerks, freeloaders, tossers, and crooks, every man-jack of them. Cat Herding is dangerous and dirty. But I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I was a Code Chimp for many, many years before moving into Cat Herding.  We all suffered radiation poisoning in the old days. The work was hard, but the times were good.

My first novel is Two Marys Too Many.

After twenty years of breaking things and killing people for Uncle Sam, Jess Archer has earned a measure of peace, and a slice of sunshine out on Lost Key. She sells overpriced trees to tourists and lectures on the fine art of Bonsai every Thursday evening in her shop on Sorrento Road. But she can’t run from trouble on an island; it finds her.

Jess Archer wakes to find her cat nailed to the doorpost and her shop windows busted out. It’s a warning gift from Declan Thibodaux, husband of Mary Katherine, a student in Archer’s Thursday night Bonsai class. Declan doesn’t like his trophy wife consorting with commoners; worse, he doesn’t like his trophy wife anymore. He’s grown bored terrorizing her and sets his sights on their daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Katherine breaks six years of silence by reaching out to Archer for help. Katherine and Elizabeth disappear before Archer can mount a rescue operation. All Archer finds in their wake is a smashed cell phone, a moth eaten black and white stuffed panda bear, and an Elizabeth-sized footprint tramped through somebody’s blood.

Archer tracks Declan across a black water swamp filled with snakes, sinkholes, and meat-eating creatures to an abandoned fishing camp where he’s holding Katherine and Elizabeth. Beneath the pale light of a waning moon, Archer gets one chance to stop Declan before he turns Katherine into alligator bait and Elizabeth, alone, must face the monster wearing her father’s face.

Read the draft currently being sent around to agents:



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